VX2 GD 12 V 700 W 6/7 MM

- Stylish stainless steel and composite construction.
- Certified sturdy hybrid gypsy very silent lightweight and suitable for rope/chain.
- Fitted with magnet and chain counter sensor.
- Manual clutch release.
- Same footprint as V2 model.
- Robust worm wheel gearbox.
- IP67 certified motor gearbox.
- Easy to adjust and install.
- Gypsy Drum version available.


Windlass with deck unit motor gearbox solenoid and gypsy 

Version: GD
Motor V: 12
Motor W: 700
Gypsy chain diameter mm: 6-7
Gypsy rope diameter mm: 12-16
weight: 14,9 

1,290.90 €
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